On day 4, we play Bingo with a giant squid.

Being a Day 4, I don’t recall this being a particularly challenging puzzle. We’re given an input of a hundred “bingo” boards, and the series of bingo calls. Our task is to find out (in part A) which board wins first, and in part B, which one wins last.


If there’s one thing I miss, having switched to a more accessible color palette, it’s that Tol’s Vibrant palette doesn’t include a good green. This is for good reason- Red/Green color blindness is perhaps the best known form of unusual color vision.

So this is one of the last visualizations I made that did capture that particular red & green Christmas aesthetic. Still, I’m happier that latter visualizations are easier to read for more people.

Day 04 Visualization

New Features

Day 4 is when I created my first font glyphs for 0-9 and wrote the code to render them. Banner day!