Day 10 feels a little meta. We’re visualizing pixels on a CRT.

Initially we’re simulating instructions and computing something like a checksum of the CPU state. Once we pass that, we re-interpret our register as a “sprite” on a one dimensional line, and mark a pixel as on or off using the cycle counter as the “clock”.

Tracking pixels to draw pixels on the screen.. Reminds me of something.

This is the first problem in 2022 where we’re writing a virtual machine. I really enjoy these puzzles, and while I hope we’ll expand on this (remember Intcode?) this doesn’t feel like a starting point for that.


This visualization doesn’t require much imagination, but I enjoy the exercise of producing something with some amount of verisimillitude for a “real” system, anyway.

Day 10 Visualization

New Features

No new features today, just a new glyph for ⓒ.