Day 14, we’re trapped in a cave that’s being filled in by sand.

I really enjoyed this puzzle, actually. It reminded me of those early particle sandbox simulators.. I found a couple bugs in my AOC library in the process. Oops.


Figuring out how many full particle paths to show was tricky. If I had a little bit more mental energy (and time to run the rendering) I’d like to do something like a particle path heat map, or at least do motion blurring of the particles. As it is, we see a few paths, and then switch to rendering first 10% of settled states, and then 2% of settled states.

I threw in a particle counter in the top left because, well, I have font rendering code and I may as well use it.

Update 2022-12-14

I had a bit of inspiration and realized I can visualize this as a continuous flow of sand, if I’m careful about the order of updating particles. Et voila!

Day 14 Visualization v2


Day 14 Visualization

New Features

No new features, but I’m working on supporting for blending a stack of frames into a single frame to produce motion blur effects. Stay tuned, hopefully we’ll see something later this year…